Puppies Available

Born november 24th 2018 to Cosmo and Linden are 'Bemine.s Comopolatian Dream of Torbec" and "Score on a Doubleshot to Bemine"

Little dogs good strong chins not seen very often anymore. No teeth problems. Solid black without the fading gene.
Theres nothing like that perfect "little black dress" and there is nothing more perfect than that "black poodle. "

Every Bemine puppy comes with:

  • food a toy and a blanket that smells like mom
  • Ian Dunbars book and sheets of helpful info
  • 40 years of experience only a phone call away


 PuppyA2018 PuppyB2018 PuppyC2018 PuppyD2018

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding poodles please contact us at: 
Phone: 604-823-2467 or 604-302-1761 
Fax: 604-850-3794

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