About Us

Pond 2013

Be Mine Poodles is located in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our home in Yarrow features an acre of fenced yard for our dogs to play in. We have playground equipment for fun and training, tons of toys and a very loving family.

A favorite past time for our water loving poodles is to swim with the Koi in our 2 ponds. Never to be ignored, if we are swimming, their game is to drop the ball in the pool for someone to throw, giving us both exercise!

We specialize in Blacks, Browns, Creams and Correct Phantoms. Deborah Bridgman herself tends to most of the dog duties but she receives plenty of help from her two children, her son in law and her six wonderful grandchildren. 



Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding poodles please contact us at: 
Phone: 604-823-2467 or 604-302-1761 
Fax: 604-850-3794

In the News

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