Deborah Bridgman 



As far back as she can remember Deborah has been an animal lover. Her fondness and empathy for pets dates back to her early childhood.

The first family dog was a Dalmation named Dutchess. Then Deborah received a silver Miniature Poodle for her 6th birthday named Bridget Bardot, “BB”.  At 16 she added two Afghan Hounds: Mohamed Ali and Natasha. She quickly learned to groom her own dogs. In 1979 Deborah met highly regarded,  Susan Fraser of Bibelot Poodles and started her showing and breeding career with the wonderful Black Standard Poodle Samantha.  Samantha was bred twice to the famous Wycliff Fitzherbert. Jean Lyle of the world renowned Wycliffe Poodles became a wonderful mentor and friend.  Jean was a never ending source of encouragement, knowledge and entertainment.

Deborah's breeding program has featured many Canadian and International group placing champions. In 1990 she became a  I.P.G. Certified Master Groomer and opened her first pet grooming salon, Groomingdales Pet Spa. Groomingdales was soon followed by The Academy of Grooming; a pet grooming school head mastered by Deborah.


Deborah has a keen interest in everything “holistic”. Realizing there was a complete disconnect with natural products and species appropriate diets in  animal healing, she began years of study and practice to become a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner. These tools are used in her everyday approach to animal care. To compliment her practice, she developed a Natural Healing Homeopathic and Essential Oil based product line. Just About Pets line of products is now sold in stores across Canada.

In 2000 Groomingdales was bursting at the seams so we moved the operation to a large store front. To represent our growth and added services we changed the name to Just About Pets Wellness Centre. Please visit our web site

Deborah was invited to host and produce a live weekly television show called Pet Zone. this proved to be fun, entertaining and educational. The show went beyond companion animals to encompass every type of live beings, from stick bugs to elephants. After many, many years Deborah sadly asked to put the show on hiatus, missing the great experiences she had.

Pet Zone was a live weekly television show about animals hosted and produced by Deborah.

Deborah is also a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner and is currently the owner and CEO of two companies; Just About Pets Wellness Centre Inc. and Just About Pets Product Line


Long time member of:

  • The Canadian Kennel Club
  • The Poodle Specialty Club of BC
  • Tellington Touch Practitioner Guild
  • Chamber of Commerce

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