Our Boys & Girls

Our Boys

“Champion Khalsa’s Kiss Me Kwik An Bemine” ”Nash”

Nash had a presence about him that was undeniable. He produced many champions, he loved life and any ball to chase, he was a big handsome gentlemen. 2000-2009.


“Champion Sanvar’s Someday You’ll Bemine” “ Magnum”

Magnum is a big strong boy with a delightful temperament


“Champion Score Ona Doubleshot To Bemine” “ Linden”

Linden lives up to his namesake an athletic boy and a true CLASS ACT.


“Torbec To Be Or Not To Be Mine” “Bogart”

2009 - 2018 " Bogart is missed everday. He fought long and hard for his life , I nick named him the everready battery, he just kept going against all odds , his boundless spirit was not ready to leave us. He was such a large precense in our home it is hard to even begine to imagine he is gone. I hope that the word cancer can be erradicated sometime in our lifetime. unfortunatly not in time for Bogart, Nash, or Hallee. God Bless you all."

Bogart the self proclaimed King of our kennel, is 30" at withers and weighs 89 pounds. Bogart is the last un-neutered black male alive from the Torbec lineage.


"Carson's Cruising With Bemine" "Cruz"

Stunning, Perfect, Cruz is the Correct, Phantom markings and points. Cruz is the most laid back, easy going boy I have ever met. He literally has a "temperament" to die for. Anything goes with this boy, next on his agenda is therapy work. Cruz weights 72lbs. and is 28" at the withers. Can't say enough about this boy. He is the spitting image of his father not only in looks but also the fabulous temperament. He will pass this along to all of his offspring.

IMG 6672

Our Girls

“Bemine's Cosmopolitian Dream Of Torbec” “Cosmo ”

Cosmo is a good sturdy girl and sooo black. After all she is a "Torbec." 'Torbec' Is an old kennel name from the east who specialised in dominate black. They are black, black, black and retain the black.  No fading. She is tall 261/2 in at the withers, 64 lbs, broad chest with a long elegant neck; A delightful temperment.

CosmoA CosmoE CosmoB

“Bemine's A Bombshell in Harlow” “Harlow ”

What can one say about Harlow she is drop dead georgeous a perfect example of Phantom Pattern: Perfect mask and correcto pattern makings. She is a bombshell with a personality to match. She is a solid dog 26in at the withers. 55 lbs. and all girl.

HarlowA HarlowB

“Blackstar Has Bemine Bewitched” “Magnolia”

Magnolia is my little fireball she is tiny but full of beans. She has retained her black with red phantom markings.  All dog, she is sturdy with a deep chest 25 in. at the withers 50lbs. and attitude to meet.


“Champion Bemine’s I Can Make You Luv Me” “ Gabriel”

“Gabriel” finished her Championship in 2 weekends. She moves like a dream and has a temperament to match


“Champion Bemine’s Lively Lady” “ Diva”

Diva is a cute, sassy, petite little girl, she truly is a lady


“One Silken Kiss An Youl Bemine” “Clementine”

PHANTOM POODLES turn heads wherever they go. They are purebred registered Standard Poodles. They are registered as “Parti-poodles” which means any color that has more than one color. “Phantom” refers to the very unique pattern of markings.


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